How to take care of tube tires in electric scooters - a guide

How to take care of tube tires in electric scooters - a guide

Many people put off by tubes in scooters by Xiaomi, Motus, or other market products, are afraid of using tube tires in electric scooters. In this guide, we will tell you how to care for a tube tire so that no unpleasantness can surprise us on the way.

POINT 1. Watch tire pressure.


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..... Totally serious. Watch tire pressure . This is the main factor in deteriorating inner tubes.
The second important aspect is adjusting the pressure to your weight . The maximum permissible pressure, expressed in bars, is written on the tire.
An additional factor that has a positive effect on the life of the inner tube is the use of talcum powder when replacing the inner tube . Thanks to this, we reduce the friction force between the inner tube and the inner part of the tire, which translates into longer use of the inner tube.

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Watch out for broken bottles and small pieces of glass while driving. This is the most common cause of tire piercing. If we see glowing elements lying on the ground on our route, let's get off the scooter so as not to press the wheels to the ground and calmly avoid the tube-tire hazard!

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