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One summer afternoon I came to Mr. Tomasz's company with the problem of the key stuck in the ignition. The owner set to work without hesitation and literally after a second the crisis was overcome. Taking the opportunity, I took out an old skateboard lying in the trunk and asked if it would also help in this topic. I did not have to wait long for the answer - after quick lubrication, the wheels turned like on the day of purchase. Then Mr. Tomasz noticed my son sitting on the back seat of the car. At this point, I must point out that my firstborn suffers from leg paralysis from birth. Mr. Tomasz calmly walked over to the car, gently put his hand to my son's forehead and after a while said: 'Now get up and go.' Beloved, my child scrambled out of the seat and started to walk on its own! It is true that after a few steps he fell on his face, cutting his eyebrow, but it was enough for a tear of emotion to run down my life-tired cheek. To sum up, I do not know how Tomasz deals with electric vehicles, but he does miracles really well.

Tobias B.

I bought an L8 electric scooter from Tomek (Shift Seven). The price of the equipment was significantly lower compared to comparable constructions on the Polish market. Contact with the store, not only before the purchase, but also after, is first class. When I needed spare parts or advice on configuration or how to replace a given part, there was also no problem with it. I sincerely recommend the store and keep my fingers crossed for Tom's future development plans :)

Jack S.

I am very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. I recommend direct contact to everyone, because it makes a big difference compared to the Internet offer itself. Invaluable approach, commitment and patience in explaining the secrets of riding a unicycle. Thank you very much and best regards 🍀😁

Arek K.

I bought a KS16X electric unicycle from Mr. Tom. Customer approach and advice at the highest level. First of all, you can always get along. ShiftSeven does not cause the client any trouble, just tries to get on with it! I don't really feel like a customer here, but like a good friend: no intrusiveness, no one tries to force the goods, gives a lot of valuable tips! :) If someone wants a problem-free purchase, I recommend the service.

Adrian C.

Undoubtedly, the best shop with electric bikes in the vicinity of Warsaw - an interesting and wide offer, affordable prices, but most of all professional and exceptionally friendly service. The owner of Shift Seven has a lot of knowledge about the bikes he sells, provides good advice and is happy to share his experience, thanks to which the shopping is quick and you do not have to go to the competition anymore :-) The two Full-MTB electric bikes I have purchased are 100% fulfilling user expectations. I recommend Shift Seven and encourage you to visit and shop at this store!

Katrin W.

Stationary Shop

1A 3-Maja Street
Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:14:00
On Sunday we go ride :)

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