What is safety related to? Well, it turns out ... that safety comes with LEDs!

What is safety related to? Well, it turns out ... that safety comes with LEDs!

Shift Seven has established close cooperation with the Swedish company 4Light - a manufacturer of waterproof backpacks with LED lighting

The cooperation was established thanks to Tomek's contacts acquired in the BNI (Business Network International) organization, which brings together entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The Swedish company 4Light , after long and exhausting negotiations, decided to hail us as the distributor of its products in Poland . It is a great honor for us. It shows how we are perceived as a company and our development is noticed by the environment!
We are collecting a list of dealers in Poland. If you want to join them, please CONTACT US .

As for the products themselves from the 4Light company ...
The high quality of their workmanship is evidenced by the fact that the backpacks were distributed throughout Sweden by Volvo car brand dealers .
Established in 2014, 4Light is strongly committed to improving road safety. Their goal is to minimize the number of road accidents involving their mobile users and road service technicians as much as possible.

The offer of the 4Light company includes :

  • waterproof backpacks with LED lighting powered by 5V supplied from a power bank. The capacity of 20L and 30L backpacks is available
  • proprietary, very slim and durable powerbanks with high capacity - 8Ah
  • reflective vests with additional LED lighting , which are mainly used in the construction industry

Now a little about our feelings

When we heard about the prices of backpacks , we wondered if they would be adequate to the quality of the products . Luckily, we were not disappointed :)
When we received a trial batch of backpacks, we immediately started testing. We made it LIVE, which you can see on our fanpage on Facebook - HERE

Backpacks made of very durable materials. Their walls are made of plastics (mainly PVC). The sliders hold so tight that when you open it, you have the impression that you are opening a can.
The straps hold very well and are comfortable, even though some backpack models weigh almost 2 kg. In addition to the shoulder straps, the backpacks have two additional fastening systems on the chest, thanks to which the backpack does not fly sideways during aggressive movements on a unicycle, bike or scooter.

And now the most important thing. LEDs . The lights that are permanently installed in these backpacks are really strong! Anyway, you can see it in the photos and recordings of the trips. Such lighting greatly improves visibility on the road in almost every direction!

Many people asked us if the backpacks have changeable LED colors. Well, the answer is no. This is due to the fact that single-color LEDs, which are specially matched to backpacks, are the most durable option. They are durable and strong, and this is a priority for the 4Light company!

After a few days of testing, when we started driving on the street with glowing backpacks , it became such a " must have " for us. Man draws attention to himself, he is clearly visible, he is safe!
The higher the light is located, the better we are visible.
Powerbank from 4Light is enough for a whole day of driving, and thanks to the second USB port, we can connect a phone to it.

We will see how our Polish market reacts to 4Light. It is a high-priced product, just like our scooters.
We know that customers who will only look at the price will choose alternative solutions anyway, or not at all.
This product is for those who want to have quality, reliability and professional distributor service. We will take care of that!

We wrote a lot today ... and yet, "nobody will read it anyway" ...? :)

Stay Tuned - Stay Green

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