Today only war, donuts and viruses ...

Today only war, donuts and viruses ...

Today's Shift Seven day wasn't very constructive ...

It started with the war in Ukraine, eating donuts in terror, and wondering what will happen to us and our scooters when Putin enters Poland (not without reason - he is a little man).

So war. This is not good - everyone thought! But wait ?! Does our nearest transport with scooters not go through Ukraine ?!
A quick phone call to the forwarder and ... phew luckily in a misfortune 98% not.

Then the matter of donuts (because these two issues were mixed up a lot).
We ate a ton of them today. All homemade. Here, thanks to Aneta, my sister, who provided the whole Shift Seven with donuts, and Karolina, Tobias's girlfriend - who doesn't work at Shift Seven :)

After we had eaten a lot of donuts, a courier knocked on our door.
"What are you carrying, couriers?" Asked Jakub, slightly acquainted with the courier he does not know.
"I'm carrying the package," replied the kurer.

After a quick look at the package label, we already knew. This is a package from 4Light - a Swedish company that produces waterproof backpacks with LED backlight.
It just so happens that this company offered us to distribute its products in Poland! We agreed without hesitation and immediately ordered a trial batch!

In a moment you will be able to order these backpacks on our website. For those who read our blog, as announced, a secret code lowering the price - shift74light :)

Having looked at all the backpacks and additional elements - laptop covers, powerbanks, organizers - we can safely say that the price of these devices is adequate to their performance / quality! Good waterproof zippers, material like torn from a pontoon, soft shoulder straps, cool design and strong LED lights on the front and back.
We still have to check the waterproofness of the backpacks, and then only use and promote it, because the backpacks are mega! In the dark, they illuminate the user perfectly, which definitely contributes to safety!

A very interesting cooperation is coming! :)

But what about backpacks?
Time for viruses ...

Jakub (a specialist in all matters) is an extremely wise man. He knows a lot about history and can probably tell you how the conflicts in Ukraine will develop based on past military skirmishes.
Unfortunately, Jacob does not know about many things that are happening in the world. He doesn't know, for example, that there are bad people in the world. Bad people who can spread the Internet or a real virus around the world (such as artificially produced COVID - 1, 2, 3 .. time to start a shit storm).
However, staying with these Internet viruses, Jakub, unaware of the dangers of clicking on unknown links sent in theory from friends of users, CLICKED on such a link ... And the infected Instagram account began to send the same link to all Instagram users we know ... rescue action, Instagram uninstallation, phone scan and laborious writing to each person asking to NOT CLICK the link ...

Ahhh what a day. He wasn't bad, actually. He wasn't constructive, but he wasn't angry. It is important that we have nice people around us who are ready to learn Russian with you, just in case, and who will bring good eggnog donuts :)

And I could tell you about what interesting will happen tomorrow in Shift Seven ... but what for. After all, "You won't read it anyway ..."

Thomas Civil

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