About us

Get to know our history

Shift Seven - created in 2018. It is a young company born out of a passion for electromobility. Getting to know a new means of transport, which is an electric unicycle, opens a new chapter and leads us to the first steps towards the import, sale, rental and service of electricians.

2019 is an ambitious year. We are delving into the electromobility environment. We learn about the entire range of personal transport products, while getting to know the multitude of people who love driving on electric vehicles, seeing no alternative for them.
In the same year we start selling electric bikes and start importing the first vehicles which are King Song electric unicycles and electric scooters under their own brand - Shift Seven.
We start group orders on Facebook group U Device Transport Osobistego
In the same year we also started activities for Association of Users of Personal Transport Equipment - SUUTO , which aims to introduce good regulations for small electric vehicles in Poland.

In 2020 we are expanding our business. We use the time of the global epidemic to analyze the market and invest in our own products. We scrupulously strive to create the perfect balance between price and performance, while focusing on high-end vehicles.

In 2021 we are going forward and we hope you will decide to go with us!