We're recording on YouTube!

We're recording on YouTube!

Kuba1qba, has just put a movie with Shift Seven in the lead role!

We invite you to watch and give paws up


We started the day with cleaning up the workshop, and soon Kuba from the Kuba1qba channel and his team visited our company. After a short conversation, we turned on the camera and started recording.

We talked about electric vehicles and how our company works. After a short introduction to the world of electromobility, the guys tried their hand at unicycles. It turned out that knowing how to ride a hoverboard helped, and after just a few minutes they were driving on their own. Of course, it does not work for Jakub and Tomasz, but it is hard to compare yourself with someone who has already forgotten how to walk normally, because he covers every smallest distance on this system. And health ?! What's up - TECHNOLOGY! Then they will run a few meters and their eyes are black and their lungs feel like jumping out of the throat. No, that's great. Have you seen Wall-E? Not? Well, there was such a vision of the future that people were totally indulged in walking and moved everywhere on such electric chairs. Ulane, boneless, if not for their super armchairs, they would have died on the spot. Kuba and Tomek are heading in exactly this direction ... and back to the topic:

After learning to ride unicycles, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took our L6 scooters for a ride to Brwinów. Of course, the whole trip was accompanied by a camera, so if you wait patiently, soon on the Cuban channel you will be able to see what it all looked like, and not read my scribbles. Do you think I enjoy writing this? I've never been good at this. But what is not being done for the good of the company.

Okay, the treatment is over. Time to quit.

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