Youtuber's visit - Adrian Trucker Paker shows what Shift Seven looks like!

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Youtuber's visit - Adrian Trucker Paker shows what Shift Seven looks like!

On Valentine's Day 02/14/2022, a famous persona visited us!

Adrian, known as Adrian Trucker Paker , runs a YouTube channel. Adrian is a truck driver by passion, and his main occupation is exercise and lifting weights ... Or was it the other way around? :)
Anyway, he drives a truck and "packs" at the same time.

Trucker Paker visited us in search of a perfect vehicle for his wife , who does not want to get a driving license in 5 or 9 months. When selecting the equipment, he tested our models and even tried riding an electric unicycle.

After a short research on the needs, we found the perfect scooter for him, which will be a perfect replacement for a car around the city! As Adrian said, " He can go for buns! " :)

Full cushioning, comfort and trouble-free use made the choice of the Shift Seven L6 model. In addition, after limiting the power, the model will also be suitable for a daughter (who is probably already bored on a scooter from Joyor: D).
Full specification of the model purchased by Adrian HERE

Adrian not only bought a scooter from us. He talked to us, got to know us and presented on the recording what our company looks like from the inside. Moreover, armwrestling with Thomas, he negotiated a discount for his subscribers to purchase our model in pre-orders!

Thank you for visiting us in Grodzisk Mazowiecki and for your purchase, and we wish my wife thousands of trouble-free kilometers!

We invite you to watch and follow the channel "Adrian Trucker Paker"

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