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Luna is a new model from the Shift Seven scooter collection. It is aimed at the widest audience of small electric two-wheelers.

The model is handy, light, fast and looks amazing !

During the three years of our presence on the market, we have gathered the knowledge needed to create a model that outclasses its rivals, getting rid of the problems associated with electric scooters from other brands. No more constantly changing inner tubes. No more constantly adjusting the brake. No more breaking folding mechanisms. No more sluggish driving!

The most important features of the vehicle:

- weight 15kg - it is just a kilogram more than the popular Xiaomi Pro scooter (which has a smaller battery and is less equipped)

- maximum speed 37km / h (may be limited to 25km / h)

- snappy motor with a nominal power of 400W

- nominal voltage 48V (maximum 54.6V) - which is much more efficient than 36V systems

- battery 48V 10Ah , which gives us 480Wh capacity .
With such an economical construction of the scooter, it gives about 40km of REAL range.
About how to read the battery capacity, and thus know the real range of the scooter, you can read HERE

- front and rear amortization ensures comfort of use on any surface

- fully foldable - handles lowered downwards + main folding mechanism. Thanks to this, the scooter takes up much less space. This allows us to easily transport the scooter in public transport or in a car

- as standard strong lights front and back placed in scooter landing + brake light located in the rear fender

- strong brake drum - no need for continuous adjustment and much less susceptibility to damage compared to disc brakes + electromagnetic braking with energy recovery

- forget about the constant replacement of inner tubes, which most scooter users have a problem with! Here you will find tubeless chamber tires , which, thanks to special longitudinal channels inside the tire, provide cushioning without the need for inflation

- adjustable handlebar height ensures an ergonomic posture regardless of the user's height

- footrest , which is an indispensable element of all our models. This is an element that hardly anyone is aware of. Once you start using it, you won't imagine its absence :)

- long and wide landing provides comfort and stability

Luna is maintenance-free. Get in and enjoy the ride today!

- dimensions before folding (length x width x height) 105 x 43 x 112 cm
- dimensions after folding (length x width x height) 105 x 15 x 30 cm

Both the offer and the number of available items in pre-orders is limited. If you like this product, don't hesitate!

Customer Reviews

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Nieprawidłowe złożenie odbijaka kolumny to był jedyny feler do tej pory.
Poza tym jest naprawdę spoko.

Na 3 biegu jest możliwość przejechać około 26-30km.
Zawieszenie z tylu ok ale wymaga smarowania bo piszczy.
Zawieszenie przód słabo wybiera ale tu nie ma zakończenia.

Zrobiłem z 250 km i nie mam wrażenia że zaraz się rozpadnie.