Shift Seven pre-orders

Everything about pre-ordering vehicles in Shift Seven

You can find all pre-order auctions HERE

By pre-ordering with Shift Seven, you are under no obligation . If you do not like the product after you receive it, you will have the same right to return it as a customer buying the vehicle "on the spot".

You can make pre-orders both with online payment and only on delivery (cash on delivery). Both are equally valid for us and both will reserve a copy for you.

The warranty period does not start until we send you the goods! So you don't have to worry about its shortened duration.

Before ordering in Shift Seven there are two uses:

- The first is to reserve your art due to the limited amount of equipment to be downloaded. This is usually the case with more expensive vehicles. We are a small company that pulls products in small batches. Thanks to this, each of them is carefully checked and individually adapted to the customer. However, this also means that you often need to reserve your copy of the product before it physically reaches the country.

- The second is to cut costs and book your art at a specially discounted, attractive price . We introduce such a procedure to give customers the opportunity to choose between a more expensive vehicle available immediately, and sometimes a much cheaper vehicle in pre-order.

We highly recommend such a solution and invite you to shop!
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us