Payment methods

For internet orders:

Payment by bank transfer - the goods are shipped after the funds are credited to our bank account.

Payment card - Payment by card in the Stripe system. Before making a purchase, make sure that the limit on the card does not exceed the order value. Payment will be credited immediately.

Cash on delivery - please have the deducted amount of cash ready for the courier delivering the package. The additional cost of payment is PLN 5.00 regardless of the value of the order.

For in-store pickup:

Cash in the store - pay in cash when picking up your order at the selected Stationary Store. After completing the order, we send it to the selected point. You will receive an e-mail that the order is ready for collection.

Card payment in the store - Card payment when picking up the order in the selected Stationary Store. The order will be completed and sent to the store, and you will receive information that it is ready for collection by e-mail.