The king is coming. And at high speed!

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If you are looking for equipment that exceeds the limits of decency with its performance, you are in the right place.

We put the best in this scooter.

  • Two very high torque motors with a vmax of 85km / h that can be easily unscrewed to replace the tire.
  • A gigantic battery created on 21700 cells, which are 4x longer than 18650 (standard mounted in scooters) - capacity 2700Wh - about 120km range.
  • Two proprietary shock absorbers that provide long travel and bring the scooter high above the ground.
  • 13 inch wheels.
  • Total weight approx. 55 kg.
  • Hydraulic brakes with braking sensors and electromagnetic braking.
  • Throttle actuated by the thumb of the right hand, not the index finger (optional to change to a finger). It is much safer with such fast hardware.
  • Waterproofing of electronic components - motors, batteries, controllers, platform.
  • Strong front lights perfectly illuminate even the darkest routes.
  • Turn signals at the front and that's it!
  • Large central display showing all the most important parameters. hardware.
  • Foldable, sturdy handlebar.
  • Collapsible column, with an equally solid mechanism.
  • Fast charger that charges the entire battery in about 7 hours.
We provide access to all spare parts so that your vehicle can always be repaired.

We encourage you to compare our equipment with the Dualtron X scooter. We are convinced that we do not perform badly, or even the opposite. We excel in some respects. These include: the possibility of modification, the availability of spare parts, a large clear display and a thumb lever, lighter construction, controllers placed on the sides for better cooling, indicators, and last but not least - the price.
Compared to the Techlife X9 scooter (a copy of the ZERO 11x scooters), we have a larger battery, alarm, turn signals, folding handlebar, etc.
Our scooter is slower than both models mentioned above. We put force - torque - over the maximum speed, which in our opinion is completely sufficient for an electric scooter :)

For more information, please contact us by e-mail: esklep or by phone: 512 929 746
The product is available in pre-orders.