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This auction is for pre-orders for scooters with delivery at the end of March.
Pay less and wait for the product!

START PRE-ORDERS ON November 26, 2021

Shift Seven L6 is a model created for users who are looking for something more than toys for the season in a scooter.

This model combines the positive qualities of the products available on the market, giving us a neat package of components at a decent price.

Motors with a nominal power of 800W (peak power 1200W), gives us the right torque, which is especially needed when the user is heavier or when climbing steep hills.

Branded battery with Dynabat cells (which are characterized by a long service life) in the 48V20Ah configuration o 960Wh capacity (<- it's worth entering if you are not familiar with the capacitance markings). Really, with economic driving of about 20 km / h, it gives us a range of the order 60km.

The real maximum speed is 40 km / h. Tested at user weight 85 kg.

ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes, together with electromagnetic braking - they provide a much smoother operation compared to mechanical brakes, which are operated with a cable.

Front and rear shock absorption (with the possibility of adjusting to the user's weight) - two versions are available - under 120 kg user weight and over 120 kg.

Adjustable steering wheel
gives the possibility of smooth height adjustment (up to 100 cm from the platform to the steering wheel), adapting it to the user. Attention. If you want to buy this scooter for a child as a small electric scooter, this scooter will also do the job. This is because the scooter has fully adjustable power and maximum speed.

Large 10 inch tires with branded, durable inner tubes - you can read about how to care for a tube tire in our blog -> here.
Don't look at other Xiaomi-like brands. Do not be afraid of the inner tubes, they do not bite.

Comfortable wide platform with a footrest on the back. The footrest allows us to push the front wheel up. It is a very useful element of the scooter. Once you start using it, you won't be able to imagine driving without it.

Anti-theft protection in the form of an alarm that, in addition to a sound signal, blocks the scooter motor, preventing it from being pushed. The alarm disables us from riding a scooter. It also doesn't "eat" the battery.

Double folding mechanism, thanks to which the scooter can be folded to small dimensions. The handles and the entire steering column are folded here.

Strong front light with four LEDs, side turn signals and rear light with brake light, make the scooter perfectly visible on the road.

The scooter with its characteristics (weighing less than 25 kg and the possibility of speed limitation, direction indicators, stamped with the serial number on the platform) fits perfectly into new proposals for legislation to regulate electric scooters. When choosing our product, you have a calmer mind :)

Included in the price, we send the scooters ready to ride - bleed the brakes, tighten the screws, check each element.

Additional services:
- assembly of the saddle - PLN 270
- installation of stronger springs for a weight over 120 kg - PLN 150
- sealing of the platform with the display - PLN 150
- installation of a GPS device - PLN 300
- twisting the folding mechanism (rigidly / with the possibility of manual unscrewing) - option used in rentals or at the customer's request - PLN 100

If you choose any of the above-mentioned additional services, please let us know when purchasing. We will answer it by e-mail.

Both the offer and the number of available items in pre-orders are limited. If you like this product, order it today!

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Super sprzęt

Świetna miejska hulajnoga, dobra amortyzacja, hamulce hydrauliczne, zasięg (osobiście zrobiłem 62km i jeszcze 45V zostało),oświetlenie kierunkowskazy jedyny minus to brak w tym rozmiarze opon w teren

Wielkie dzięki za wystawienie oceny!
Już niebawem pojawią się u nas również terenowe opony!
Stay Tuned Stay Green