King Song KS-16X electric unicycle

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High-class electric unicycles from the world leader - the brand King Song.
We are an authorized representative and distributor of the electric one wheel.

Model KS-16X (2021) is the fastest product of the world leader in the field of electric unicycles. It rushes to speeds of 50 km / h with a maximum range of approx 100 km.

It is a wheel with a 16 inch rim, however, due to the thick tire, the diameter of the entire wheel is approximately 17.5 inches.

It is one of the fastest accelerating unicycles on the market (high torque). Compared to products such as Gotway MSX or Nikola, it is still a wheel for everyday use and for moving around the city, on public transport, and outside the city. The weight of the device is 24 kg.

The unicycle is lively, easy to maneuver, and at the same time is small, which makes it the best 16 inch wheel on the market.

We provide a 2-year warranty on the product.