King Song KS-16S | Wypożyczenie + kaucja - Shift Seven
King Song KS-16S | Wypożyczenie + kaucja - Shift Seven
King Song KS-16S | Wypożyczenie + kaucja - Shift Seven
King Song KS-16S | Wypożyczenie + kaucja - Shift Seven
King Song KS-16S | Wypożyczenie + kaucja - Shift Seven
King Song KS-16S | Wypożyczenie + kaucja - Shift Seven

King Song KS-16S | Rent + deposit

875.00 zł
  • Szybka dostawa na terenie Polski
  • Możliwość zakupu produktu na raty 0% oraz leasingu

The offer applies to renting a unicycle

Before clicking on the order, please contact us to determine the availability of the unicycle for rental.


Do you want to test the equipment before buying?

Do you want to check if unicycle riding is for you?

Now you have this opportunity!

Rent an electric unicycle for any number of days. Delivery throughout Poland.

The total cost of rental consists of:

- shipping costs to and from you - PLN 50

- rental cost for each day - PLN 75 - the number of days is selected above

- returnable deposit - PLN 750

ADDITIONALLY , if you want to buy a vehicle, we will deduct the rental cost from the purchase price! :)

- Possibility to negotiate the price when renting for a longer number of days and when renting several pieces

- We issue VAT invoices

What does the rental process look like - step by step:

  1. Contact Shift Seven to arrange the rental date and availability of equipment.
  2. Familiarization with the Regulations of the Lending Room and the Model Loan Agreement , as well as with the provisions of this auction.
  3. Clicking to buy in an auction.
  4. By paying for the rental, you accept the terms and regulations.
  5. Sending a photo / scan of evidence with the required information visible.
  6. Waiting for the courier who will bring the unicycle for the first day of rental (it is sent from us the day before).
  7. Riding a unicycle!
  8. Packing the unicycle into the box.
  9. Waiting for the courier to arrive with the label the day after the loan period.

    Example: When ordering a unicycle for the weekend (Friday Saturday Sunday - the unicycle is sent from us on Thursday, it comes to you on Friday and is picked up by the courier on Monday. All you have to do is pack the vehicle back in the box and seal the box. tape.

  10. We check the equipment.
  11. Deposit refund.
  12. You have given a positive opinion on all possible portals: Google, Facebook, the rental product page ... :)

How does the deposit settlement work?

We are aware that the unicycle may get scratched and that it will fall to the ground. Electric unicycles in their construction are very durable vehicles, and additionally, they are secured by us for rental.
The deposit would be collected only in the event of damage to the vehicle and the customer's obvious fault - e.g. acceleration of the device and hitting the wall / drowning and others, which would result in serious damage to the equipment.


Main parameters of the KING-SONG KS-16S:

  • Maximum speed 35 km / h
  • The real range is about 60km
  • 7h charging time - LG batteries
  • 16 "pumped wheels
  • Weight 17.4 kg
  • Maximum load 120 kg

You will find the Lending Room Regulations HERE

You can find a template of the Loan Agreement HERE

By making a payment, you accept the provisions of the regulations and the rental conditions that appear in this auction.

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